Schools and colleges can submit two types of directory listing. For schools covering multiple education levels – eg kindergarten, primary and secondary, we recommend taking out separate listings for each level to help making searching more effective.

Single listing options:

  • Map listing. Institutions will provide a brief overview and contact details including address and e-mail link. The institution will be marked on a Google map. Cost Kshs 1,000 + VAT per month, payable annually in advance.
    Order and pay for a Map listing
    Submit Map listing information
  • Detail listing. Institutions receive a full page with detailed profile. This includes: full width header image; up to 3 smaller images viewable through a pop-up gallery; detailed text profile; contact details including address, phone; e-mail and website link; details on courses offered; facilities; extended learning; scholarships; fees; term dates; open days; plus statistical information on the students and faculty. Institutions can also add a download link for their prospectus if required. Cost Kshs 2,500 + VAT per month, payable annually in advance.
    Order and pay for a Detail listing
    Submit Detail listing information

Multiple listing options:

For schools taking out multiple listings, special discounts are available. Please contact to obtain a special discount code.

Providing images

For a Map listing, no images are allowed. For a Detail listing up to 4 images can be supplied: one main header image running the full width of the webpage and 3 additional (smaller) images displayed as an image gallery. Images should be e-mailed to The publisher will crop / resize images to fit the directory format.

Detail listing: image dimensions
Header image (full width, landscape): 1250px (w) x 500px (h)
Additional images in landscape: up to 1000px width
Additional images in portrait: up to 1000px height
Provide a maximum of three additional images. We recommend providing at least one image in portrait format.

Making payments

Payments can be made either by cheque or via M-PESA. Cheques should be made payable to MJS Colourspace Ltd and sent to the address at the foot of this page. A receipt and VAT invoice will be e-mailed to you.

How long does it take to get listed?

After receipt of all information and payment, the listing will be live within 48 hours.